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Fleeting Moments - Solo Exhibition of Paintings

Opening On Thursday 05, Nov. 2020

07:34 PM

Venue: gj

Fleeting Moments:-

Maqbool Ahmed's recent collection of paintings in a solo exhibition at Artscene Galleries, Karachi composed of individual paintings that share similar proportions and different colour pallets. The process of creating a painting contains all his past and present experiences, passion, skill, control and an attempt to capture the fleeting moments in time.

He has achieved a signature style long ago but it hasn't made him confined to the same mode instead he retained his signature style and moved forward by experimenting and inventing thus elaborating his own original style, and hence acquired a diverse mode of painting to distinguish him among his contemporaries.

His paintings have changed subject and composition along with a new colour pallet that brings out the unique ambience of his paintings. He balances very beautifully bold figures with forceful strokes and bright and soft shades of colours. Having transparency and third dimension in an idealistic landscape he retains his signature style as he paints women silhouettes against pale background but this time the women figures seemed to come out of shadows and become more visual.

The treatment, tones and values of his paintings portray deep soothing and absorbing thoughts some moments away from the real world, deviating from the usual and entering the new world - a world of distinctive sensation and visual appeal.

Nadeem Zuberi

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